Katie B. Guest Chef at The Kitchen Upstairs from Denverpictureguy on Vimeo.

Its amazing the world your exposed to when you decide to view it from behind a camera….. The people you meet the places you go all in the pursuit of one image, one line of dialogue that perfect moment.

Over the years I have met many inspiring people each with their own story to tell, accepting the documentary platform I found myself always being intrigued by peoples passions for the things they do.

Katie Bruzdzinski is no exception I first witnessed her passion when I got the chance to photograph an event she was cooking for some time ago…….. Since then I have been imagining what it would be like to capture her passion on film.

Apart from cooking shows there aren’t too many documentary pieces done on cooking and chefs, something that surprises me considering the wide array of colors and textures that translate absolutely beautiful to video…..

So when I found out that my dear friend would be guest chef at one of boulders top restaurants an honor held by only chefs of the highest caliber and never before held by a caterer, I knew that this was my chance to share a small piece of what I already knew about my best friend in the world…..

The culmination of a small vision and 3 days of filming in locations ranging from farms to commercial kitchens led me to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever known everyone surrounded by Katie and her aura of positivity.┬áHer business is her life and everything she is doing to the world of catering is changing the market forever, her philosophy on supporting local farms and businesses is something to be emulated but sadly an art that is often lost in the shadow of the mighty dollar sign……. When you taste a Katie cooked meal your tasting the freshest ingredients cooked by the kindest of hearts her inspiration is that of bringing people together to live in a simple moment gathering under a common ground of tasting amazing food…..

I have gathered over an hour of interview footage packed full of emotion and passion of a woman who simply loves what she does…… What will be done with this footage I am not sure but I feel compelled to share my friend and her story with as many people as I possibly can a documentary film makers dream a small idea formed around a woman and her dreams allowing me to follow my dream standing behind a camera quietly capturing an artist at work and hearts being warmed all around Katie B.

I know not what the future will bring but I do know that a life shared with the people you love all doing what they love is a life well deserved……

A simple project a small idea can grow into something big with enough heart and will power…….

This is a small sample of what I believe to be a story worth filming worth sharing with the world…….


Wyoming Fly Fishing - Just the Beginning from Denverpictureguy on Vimeo.

What started out as a simple idea to be able to travel to Wyoming to film a promo for the Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide service in Casper, Wyoming in exchange for a day on the water myself to fish has turned into the beginning of what I hope will be a feature length season long fly fishing film following my dad and his crazy friends on their midlife crisis quest for all things fly fishing……

Special thanks to Ryan Anderson and Wyoming Fly Fishing for giving me the opportunity to come up there and do my two loves Film and Fish…..

For more information on Wyoming Fly Fishing and their amazing collection of guides and stretches of North Platte visit wyotrout.com

Diamondback Terrain Park with Jeremy Brown from Denverpictureguy on Vimeo.

For years I have experienced Eldora Mountain Resort for all of its terrain that it offers and also experienced the impression it has on people that ski there…… Unfortunately my home mountain hasn’t ever gotten the recognition it deserves on many different fronts, one of the biggest ones is that of its terrain park…… So when Eldora finally built its park for the 2013 season I new I had a responsibility to show Colorado just what they have been missing…. So I called up a contact of mine by the name of Jeremy Brown a sponsored skier who rides for Icelantic skis among other things, as well as coaches for the University of Colorado Freestyle Ski Team to ask if he would be interested in coming up to Eldora to check out and film at the park….. What happened next had a profound effect on everyone there to witness and I think has influence to change the thoughts about Eldora as a non-freestyle mountain forever….. Jeremy offered up his time to come up and give a park and mountain he had never ridden before a chance his feedback was shocking and his enjoyment with the day and the set up was palpable….. Needless to say it was a fun afternoon and a first for Eldora having that caliber of rider to represent and be filmed at the resort was a milestone and I was glad that I could be apart of it……

Corona Now Open! from Denverpictureguy on Vimeo.

Have you ever experienced a moment where when you look at what your doing right at that moment combine it with the sights and sounds around you, you find yourself in one simple conclusion…….. Life is truly amazing. That moment when everything you’ve ever worked towards or worked hard to become and achieve has led you to a certain moment that you have long been waiting for…… That was my day today.

As my alarm rang at 3:45 on a cold December morning I awoke to freshly charged batteries an full packed camera bag and two formatted memory cards. The days objectives………? To arrive at Eldora Mountain Resort before the sun rise to capture a time lapse showcasing the full moon setting along with the sun rising on a corona trail ready to be opened for the day. Leaving my home in the dark and driving up an almost empty boulder canyon, I arrived to a frost covered empty Eldora parking lot still bathed in full moon light…. A few minutes passing brought the arrival of the director of operations and my snowmobile driver to the top of the mountain for the beginning of the time lapse shoot. I quickly set up the camera at the base to capture the moon setting behind the mountain while I geared up ready for an early morning cold weather assault. after Dave grabbed his sled and I grabbed my skis we jumped on the snowmobile and started the crazy ride up the mountain. Now I have been down many a ski run downhill while on skis but flying uphill full throttle on a snow machine the same runs that I had since only been on in the daylight going down definitely brought a smile to my face and the first of many realizations of the day that I have the best job in the world.

Our destination was the lookout deck on the top of the Corona lift with promises of a majestic views of the continental divide, although the views did not disappoint the location of the moon and the uncertainty of the location of the sunrise made this location not of ideal choice. With just enough time to ski down and hike to a second location I decided to give it a shot. Skiing mostly in the dark with only the full moon to illuminate the run before me I found myself in a complete calm and excitement. Reaching the top of the ambush access I popped off my skis and headed into the woods in the search of a clearing to film the moon set and sun rise, 75 yards and whole bunch of post holing I found my outlook set up my new canon 6D with intervalometer and started firing away. After sitting attempting not to achieve hypothermia but slightly failing I witnessed the moon set and the beautiful orange glow of the sun rise on a perfectly calm windless day. With each passing shot popping up for review on my camera I got more and more excited. Following an hour and a half of shooting and the go ahead from the director of snowsports and marketing as well as Dave the director of operations (the designated athletes to film the first tracks of corona the run to be opened that day and highlighted by this video) that we were ready to hit the slopes and film, we made a quick run down filming one section at a time til we had enough footage for a short edit showcasing the conditions. reaching the bottom allowed me to film a few b-roll shots of our shiny new lift status board for the end of the film then it was banishment to the edit, 3 hours in a closed office with my laptop and headphones and voila the finished product.

The world we live in is majestic and beautiful and sometimes it just takes an early start and some hiking skills and one can be nothing short of amazed at where you can end up.

So get out there and enjoy the world you wont regret it.